Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's over!

Whew! I can hardly believe that my first year of teaching is over (a few days late)! Actually, I can believe it... I just can't believe it is finally here!!!

I learned soooo many things this year! For example:

1) Make friends with your office staff ASAP (principal, assistant principal, secretary, receptionist, etc.) It's SO GOOD to be on everyone's good side. You never know what you may need them for!

2) ASK QUESTIONS! You can NEVER ask too many questions!... Welllll, maybe you could, and you don't want to be annoying by asking questions you SHOULD know the answer to... But ASK if you don't know something! That leads me to number three...

3) Use your resources! Your team members! Other teachers! T.A.'s! Ask them stuff! They will give you ideas you may have never thought of. Resources. Are. Amazing.

4) Be thankful. OH MY GOSH, be thankful! If you are working in a low-income school with low-income-school-issues, be thankful for the way you were raised and that you can be a light in your students' lives. If you are working in a high-income school with plenty of supplies and family support, be thankful you have those resources!

5) Find a way to reduce stress. Whether it be talking, exercising, eating, drawing, singing, dancing, petting your dog, DO IT! If you have a stress-reliever, you will go NUTS! BANANAS! COO-COO! LOCO!

6) If you're not passionate about what you do, don't do it! Life isn't fulfilling unless you're doing what you are passionate about. You're not doing yourself or your students any favors.

AND so many more!

I've got so many changes, revisions, what-have-you to make for next year! I'm starting to work on that right now.

I'm also going to try to start up a side-biz on Working on creating some cute stuff for people to use and enjoy... hope I can figure it out easily... :/

P.S. Whose idea was it to work summer school after my first year of teaching?!



I MUST be crazy.

Bring it on, summer school! BRING. IT. ON.

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