Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer School

The day goes onnnnn and onnnnnn..... and onnnnnnn....

Yawn. Makes me sleepy.

It is SO WEIRD to spend a whole year with your kiddos whom you feel like you know inside-out and backwards, then a week later, you are teaching complete strangers.  I mean, they might as well be from a different planet. Who are these people?! They are not from my world/school!  It's just bizarre. I like these kids, but it's so weird when they don't know how the school works or how you work... you don't know how they work or how their school does things (if they have procedures or routines - some don't enforce things like that). It's sort of frustrating and just plain WEIRD!

It probably also has to do with the fact I am a first year teacher and I will always compare kids to my first class.

Well, that was a boring story.

On a higher note, the extra $$$ in the paycheck sure will be nice! I'm thinking... little vacation... I know I could really use to get away and relax for a bit, get a couple massages/facials (never had one!), have some lovely vino, sleep late... Who knows! I'm just that spontaneous!

Whatever I figure out, I'm EXCITED about it!

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