Monday, June 18, 2012



I received an e-mail today saying that I sold my first product on TpT!

It MAY have only been for $1.00, and I MAY have only made 30 cents off of it, but I am SO HAPPY about it!

I could just do cartwheels around the room! I'm so glad that other teachers are enjoying my activities and feeling like they would help them enough to purchase them!

Hopefully, this will lead to many more!

I'm currently working on a birthday-themed unit! It will have lots of MATH activities! (Sorry, people, I'm a math teacher....) Mayyyyybe if I'm feeling particularly creative and my brain isn't totally scrambled from the work involved, I may create some reading activities... I've already got some ideas.... I'm thinking compound words...BIRTH-DAY!

I need to get BUSY! I leave for my very first big-girl job ...

We are going to San Diego, California to a HUGE technology conference! So, I'll be way behind on creating and blogging.

I am SO BLESSED! Our awesome principal is a technology FANATIC and found this great conference and is letting 7 of us go! Even new, just-finished-my-first-year teachers like me!!

I've gotta figure out what on EARTH I'm going to wear! I mean, I will be in Cali, So I've got to be cute!!

On a different, non-teaching-related note...

I'm so excited to go have a girls date with my best friend/cousin/twin Courtney after work today!!! It's been FAR too long! Love you bunches!

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  1. A blog shout out?! I feel so special!
    Can't wait!
    Love ya too!