Friday, June 8, 2012

TeachersPayTeachers (TpT)

Just uploaded my first items on TeachersPayTeachers! Woohoo! Check it out!

I'm so excited! It's just a lot of stuff I had already created this past year, but it's getting me started on my projects for this summer!



Math games!


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ALSO ------

This is from my old blog that had a weird layout that I couldn't figure out how to change.

You know your kindergartner is awesome when he sings KISS songs in class and can name all of its members and loves the Avengers.

I overheard a very adult conversation while working with a group during centers. While gluing little pieces of construction paper to create a Texas flag, two of my boys were discussing what they will be for Halloween. Mind you, Halloween is six months from now. One of my boys said "I'm thinking that for Halloween, I will be one of the Avengers. The movie will be coming out about that time, so I think I will be one of the Avengers. My brother will be (I don't know the name of the Avenger), so maybe I will be the HULK (with strong arm motion), or Iron Man, or...." Then the other boy chimes in very calmly "Um, Thor is also in the Avengers group, so you could be Thor." The first boy then replies "Oh, yes, I know, Thor is also an Avenger." Later in the day, he starts singing the Avengers song.

The same KISS student said this while in the hallway after lunch: "My parents laugh when I do this." And he raises one eyebrow quite seriously and comically.

So, a few weeks ago, my first graders were very unmotivated, unresponsive, and just downright out-of-it. I was trying to get them motivated and to care about learning and doing well in school. After the talk I said something like "You are good, smart kids and you're important!" Aaaaand it got me thinking about how I had just seen The Help. So I said "Repeat after me: I am kind. I am smart. I am important."

One of my more mature girls very dramatically pretend-wipes-her-eye and said "Agh! Miss Temple! That was just beautiful!" And another girl, laying her head on the table, very matter-of-factly states "That's from The Help. I saw that the other day."

Sorry, The Help, but I just totally stole your line. And it worked. Thanks!

I really need to start writing down all of my sweet, funny, happy, and memorable stories. There's just so much other stuff to be doing while they are being so cute and funny! How's a lady supposed to teach, listen to stories, keep their eyes and ears on each child, give extra help to the struggling students, and document behaviors and academics AND STILL find time to write down all the cute stuff?!

Maybe I'll figure that out after my first year of teaching. Maybe one day.


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! It's cool to see a newbie on TpT getting started! I wish you the best with sales! :0) If you get time, come on over and join my blog. I've got lots of TpT friends over there!

  2. Thank you! I'm excited to get started!