Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday cards to a soldier

My mom's cousin (what does that make him to me? My 2nd cousin? 3rd? Uncle?) is a chaplain in the army and he was going to be overseas when his 40th birthday came along.

Well, there's little you can do from thousands of miles away to make a 40th birthday special. His wife had the idea to have everyone send separate birthday cards to him so he would get a SLEW of cards in the mail to make him feel as special as possible.

I told my classes about him and they wanted to participate as well. It took me about one second to go "Why not?"

So I pulled out some construction paper and asked them what were some things they wanted to know how to spell and I'd write it on the board. They also wrote their own sentences. I had to explain to them that a chaplain was someone who was like a pastor or preacher for the Army. He read the Bible and prayed with the other soldiers. I felt like that's about as far into it as I should get in a public school. I've got many children who are avid church-goers with their parents, so they helped fill in the gaps. (Have I mentioned I LOVE these kiddos?)

Here are some of the most adorable cards they made. I HAD to snap a pic and share these! Enjoy!

I love the "have a good time"! Yeah, war is a reeeeeal good time. I love their innocence!

Last sentence "I hope you and my daddy have a guard dog". So sweet!

"I love you so much. You are in my heart like Jesus and God. I love God and I love Jesus. The mean people are not nice to God are not nice to Jesus." Future pastor or chaplain? Perhaps so!

I love how the cartoons are saluting!

My favorite one! Spelled perfectly, actually says happy birthday, and says "I hope you win!" hahahaha There's a tank, a guy with a tiny gun, sunshine, clouds, and a guy with a bow and arrow.

Thank you, Jesus, for making such cute kids!

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