Sunday, May 20, 2012

From Christmas....

Here's a post from Christmas ("holiday") time!

I LOOOOOOVE Christmas! Especially with kids! I do not have any of my own yet, but I'm so glad I'm teaching a TON of them!

Christmas is SO exciting with these little guys!

Here are our first adventures with Ronny, our Elf-on-the-Shelf:

This is Ronny the first day he showed up as a gift from Santa at the North Pole.

This is our graph for voting for his name. I was really hoping Nick would win because that's my boyfriend's name and that would just be TOO funny!

It took them a long time to find Ronny's new hiding spot on day 2. They kept saying "he's a tricky elf!"

Day 3. The kinders said that he must have gotten thirsty on his trip to and from the North Pole, so he drank my very last Diet Dr. Pepper! Again, "he's a tricky elf!"

I've found lots of good ideas online for hiding spots! Can't wait to try more of them!

Here are a couple Christmas crafts we're going to be doing:

A Santa wind catcher for my kinderbabies.

A Swedish St. Lucia Day hat for ..... I'm not sure which grade yet.

Here's another view.

I hope to have more pictures up of LOTS of fun holiday stuff we do! Especially with tricky Ronny the Elf!


Ronny cruisin'.

Ronny readin'.

Tricky elf vandalizing my easel!

Bad Ronny made a flour "snow angel". What a mess!

I ended up doing the St. Lucia hats with the 1st graders and it was awesome, easy, and perfect!

Pattern Christmas trees! SO easy!
After I took this picture, I added a red oval at the bottom to look like a tree skirt and wrote "Temple's Tanenbaums". Super cute!

My super-sweet volunteers (my mom and grandma) made snowman doors for me and my partner teacher! I LOVE being in the holiday spirit!

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