Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Adventure Awaits

Hello, blogging world!

So. I tried a blog once before but didn't really do anything with it. How boring. What's the point of having one then, right? Right.

One of my co-teachers said "Blair, you should really put some of your cute projects and ideas on Pinterest!" And I thought "How on Earth would I do that?" Then it donned on me: a blog, duh.

So here I go, trying to blog (even though the school year is nearly over, yeah, I know). I'll post some old posts I tried on my old, crappy blog as well as some new ones with some of my other ideas.

I would LOVE to learn how people go about making their cutesy little worksheets and units. If you know, will you please leave a comment with your e-mail address and your blog address so I can pick your brain on how to do it?! THANKS!

I guess I should initiate my blog with some answers to "who is this girl?"

Hi, I'm Blair. :)

I teach kindergarten and 1st grade math/science/social studies in a Title 1 school.

I live in the great state of Texas.

I graduated from the BEST university in the world, Texas A&M University! WHOOP! Yep, I'm an Aggie!

This was my very first year teaching (for real teaching, not student teaching. That's nothing like the real thing).

Teaching is my passion!

I love my job and I am trying to balance the negatives and positives... it is HARD to do, people! STAY POSITIVE! Much easier said than done, although we all have to try at it.

A little background on the name of my page...
No, I do not have any children of my own.

BUT many of my students think I am their mother. haha Can't tell you how many times I've heard "You're my Mom!" or something similar.

Kids are funny!


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