Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Halloween Roll and Cover, Math Centers, and Flip Chips!

Yes, I know it's not even close to Halloween. I'm not that crazy. (yet.) :)

Anyway, I found this on my desktop just now. I had created it about a month ago but never posted it anywhere! Silly me!

It's a roll and cover game, very easy and simple for kinderbabies to do on their own! Plus, they LOVE Halloween stuff!

You can get it in my TpT store HERE!

Happy Tuesday! Who knows! I may even have another FREE thing for ya today!


I'm trying to come up with some math stations for both Kinder and First... sort of like BUILD stations... BUILD might be a bit too much for Kinder...

I want to add in more "play time" for kinder because... well, they are still babies and need to just PLAY sometimes. So for kinder I need some sort of "play time" rotation and a math centers rotation...

For kinder math centers, I've been playing around with:

1. Playing with Patterns
2. Counting Kids
3. Knowing Numbers
4. Coloring Counts
5. Cut, Glue, and Grow

Each station would have activities that go along with it.

Playing with Patterns - pattern blocks and mats, unifix cubes, coins, etc. I could go on for days.

Counting Kids - any number of counting activities, sorting and counting, etc.

Knowing Numbers - number matching games, flash cards, etc.

Coloring Counts - Coloring pages having to do with math and counting, eventually getting to counting then coloring to match

Cut, Glue, and Grow - more of a "craftivity" station

If you have ANY ideas for NEW stations (with catchy, rhyming names) or activities to put it any of those centers, PLEASE leave a comment! I would LOVE feedback!

Here's a game I'm sure you've all played in your classrooms, but may do it slightly differently or call it something else...


You put those red/yellow counting chips in a cup, have kids flip the cup over and count how many red and how many yellow... ahhh yes, we do recognize that game.

I'm making recording sheets to go along with it. They will start with just circles for the kids to color, then add addition sentences to go along with it. It will start with just 5 chips, then go up to 10.

Here's the first example!

Happy Tuesday!

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