Monday, August 13, 2012

Back To It!!!

I am officially all settled into my new place and I am in LOVE!!! Now that I'm all settled, I can get back into getting ready for this school year! I'll share some photos of my new place! (FYI, I did a lot of DIY projects and am quite proud of myself)

First was the living room... I LOVE the fireplace and mantle. It makes it feel so much more home-y. I scored that big rug from Homegoods for $49! And that floral chair in the corner was from the little old lady that used to live in my sister's house. Isn't it adorable??

Next was my bedroom... major work in progress... but I love where it's going! I love my purple Anthro take-off from Target comforter and my antique gray dresser and nightstand! That huge gray rug was $20 from IKEA and it's soft. WHAT?!

Next was my great grandmother's old dining table (we found it in a back room, my dad have never seen it before... soooo guess how old that thing must be?!) and I found those chairs at a garage sale for $70! Score! I painted all 5 of those pieces in the July heat and man, am I proud of my hard work!!!

Last was a photo of my sweet little punkin, Charlie. He is used to living at home with my parents (we adopted him about a year and a half ago) with two big dogs and a large backyard that I can just let him run free in. It's taking a bit of getting used to being just us, no backyard to run free in, and no other dogs to entertain him. He LOVES the patio, though!!

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