Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 3

Well, everyone is exhausted.

We actually had a sort of nap time... poor little babies.

I'm going to be adding pictures of the things we did the past few days. Some of it is for you all looking for new ideas, but honestly, some of it is for me. I totally forgot what I did with the kids last year! I'd like to not totally re-invent the wheel every year!

Note to self... print out handwriting practice pages of their names... we need some serious help in that department!

Okay, so I think I basically went over what we did the first day of school... man, that is tiring! BUT, NEW TEACHERS- it only gets easier. Trust me. From a semi-new teacher in a Title 1 school, it gets waaaaaaaay easier. You might find yourself saying "What am I doing? Am I in the right profession? Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?" DO NOT feel bad about that! It's totally normal! You'll be fine! You just have to let the bad stuff roll off, and roll with the punches, rock and roll... a lot of rolling... maybe rolling on the floor would help... it seems to be enjoyable to kindergarten children. Might try that at home later...

Teaching is a HUGE responsibility (and I would venture to add that it may be even HUGE-er for teaching really young children).  You are not just lecturing and teaching, you are actually RAISING these children, and in some cases, you might be the ONLY one raising a child in your classroom - you never know! You are teaching them how to treat others, humanity, sharing, common sense, how to dress themselves, how to treat children that are "different", as well as how to read, write, hold a pencil, color, count, add, subtract, and so on and so forth.

HUGE responsibility.

You are also supposed to be in charge of watching and hearing EVERYTHING that happens in your classroom. Who said what to who, who touched who, who made a face at who, who didn't share the bears, etc. You are looking out for each child's emotions and feelings.  You are consoling the child that misses his/her mother and cries all day, you are holding the hand of a child whom is having his/her very first day at school, you are loving and giving special attention to a child that receives none at home... you are keeping up with their schedules - when they are picked up from school, when they walk home, when they go to daycare - as well as their protector keeping an eye on who may pick them up from school, you make sure they eat their breakfast and lunch and that they have a friend to play with on the playground. Sometimes, you get the job of teaching a child how to blow their own nose. You're the nurse and doctor. You're supposed to recognize when they aren't feeling well and to remind them to always wash/sanitize their hands after cough, sneezes, potty, and other icky things.

Huge responsibility. Huge reward.

You get to be most loved by so many sweet little faces. You get to have your picture taken with all your sweet little ones giving you a hug. You get to see them grow and mature.  You get to see what you've accomplished together. You don't always get to see that in every profession.

I'm getting off my soapbox now. I love my job. And I will take it to my grave that teaching is the hardest profession. (I know most other people would say their profession is the hardest, so we can all agree that our jobs are the hardest... if it makes us feel better. :) )

I'll post pictures of what we did in our first week of school later!

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