Thursday, October 11, 2012

I help your GRain BRow!

Here's a funny story from today. Get ready.

Actually, maybe it's funnier in person.

All I know is I am still giggling to myself about it.

SOOOOOO.... We're talking about community helpers in my 1st grade class and we're reading a book about it and discussing it.

Kids: "Miss Temple, you're a community helper!"

Me: "Yes I am! I'm a teacher so I help your GRAIN BRO!"

Pause. Most kids don't even notice my slip of the tongue. This is what I'm saying in my head: "Oh good grief. My life is a comic strip. They're going to be SUPER SMART with a teacher who will help their grain bro."

I start dying laughing at the irony. I'm also exhausted and I guess a little crazy - so laughing was a rarity this week.

Then the kids catch onto what I actually said versus what I MEANT to say and start dying laughing, too.


It's the little things. :)

Another funny story from last week...

Kindergartner: "I don't want to leave!!! If I was your daughter, I wouldn't have to leave you, I could go home with you. I don't want to leave you. I can't WAIT 'til Monday!!"

Oh, sweet babies. I love them all. Makes up for them makin' me so darn tired! I feel like an OOOOOOOOLD woman!

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