Monday, September 10, 2012

Today's Funny, Cute Little Kid Stories

Every now and then you just need to share your sweet silly stories!

One of my little kinderbabies said this to me: "I like your lips. I broke my lips. My lips are dead."

Haha! How... Sad...?

First grade care-giver role reversal: my shirt today had buttons down the back. Apparently one had come undone and one of my firsties said "Want me to fix your button for you?" I was a little startled that a 6-year-old noticed my button was undone (don't worry, I had a shirt underneath, too) so I said "Uuuh, sure.". She did my button very easily then patted my back where the button was. I said "Thank you, sweetheart." and she said "You're welcome!" and sat back down.


I had these firsties last year as kindergartners. I knew it would be cool to see them grow, but I'm used to fixing THEIR buttons. Patting THEIR backs. And now, for some, it's come full circle already.

Wow. I love these sweet little children and I feel like they are my own.

I have the best "job" ever.

It's not a job when you love what you do. It's a hobby you're paid for.

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