Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring has sprung-ish

Hallelujah, praise The Lord! We made it through this week!!! 

After assessing all last week and the first part of this week, I was starting to get really bored and bummed out. I LOVE teaching! Why can't I take a break to do something enjoyable AND educational? 

Why, indeed. 

I whipped up a little Easter project and it was just about the gosh-darned cutest thing ever!

They wrote these stories themselves. Seriously. I didn't help them with their writing. At all. I only helped them at the end to add in some words where theirs were hard to determine. I was a little anxious about this project at first. The craft was kind of intense, and they would need to be independently creative on their writing. 

Let me tell you... They did NOT disappoint. 

They were AMAZING!!!

See?? How stinkin' cute is that??!!

They wrote the sweetest stories! They used capital letters at the beginning, periods at the end, spaces between words, and phonemic spelling!! They worked so diligently on these stories and are so proud of their work. 

They aren't the only ones. 

Maybe I'm just really tired and super emotional, but I nearly cried as I read their stories. I didn't have to fix anything or ask them to add more to their stories... They were just beautiful! And, y'all, I'm not a crier. I was on the verge, though. Just look at this! 

Happy Easter, everyone!! 

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