Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gotta share this!

Alright. It is summer. YIPPEEEE!!!

At times, I feel like "oh, I've got nothing to do. Yeah, I'm free!" But then at other times, I feel like "good grief when did summer get so busy?!"

Either way, I must say I LOVE summer! I was just reminded that my birthday is in a few days (July 19)! AH! I can't believe I almost forgot my birthday is coming up!

Okay... here's what I have just got to share...

It's this site called Influenster.  You sign up, create a profile, answer surveys about your beauty regimen, and other living habits.  The more surveys you complete and products you review, the more "points and badges" you earn.  With more badges and points, you can receive "Vox Box"es.

I just received my first complimentary Vox Box and it was AWESOME!

This is what it looked like.

Yes, you read correctly. COMPLIMENTARY.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I LOVED the Lash Love Lengthening Mascara! It doesn't clump and it doesn't make my eyelashes stick together.  The first application doesn't go on super thick, which I love!

I also love the Lash Primer.  Not too thick, no clumping. Love it! The only thing is, it goes on and dries clear, so it's hard to tell just how much and how evenly you put it on.  I'm a visual person.

I had never before used a brush to apply my concealer, but I LOVE using this Cream Eye Color and Concealer Brush! I don't think I will be able to go back to just applying with my fingertip!

I also really like the True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie.  My favorite thing about it is the texture!  OH MY GOSH! It's perfect. It's not too thick, it's not sticky, and it's not so thin that I would have to apply it numerous times just to see the color.  The color, Pink Cherie, is a very fun color! It's especially perfect for Spring/Summer.  I wear it when I go out! It is not a color I would normally pick out for myself because it is a bright light pink and I'm more of a "natural shade" girl.  It is a very fun color and am glad I got to try it out - I never would have learned how much I love it if it hadn't been sent to me!

Lastly, the Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm.   I do not typically wear colors on my eyes.  Especially not purple - I have dark under-eye circles and the last thing I want to do is put more purple around my eyes.  I think if I did not have such dark under-eye circles, I might have liked this one a lot better.  It was a very thin, light shade of purple (though it looks very dark in the pot).  I think I would have liked to try this product in a more neutral shade just for my own personal preferences. I hope I get another box with a different color - I think I would have loved this product!

Anyway, I had never worn Mary Kay make-up before, so this was a great, free way to try their products! And I must say,  I'm a fan!

Check it out for yourself at 

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