Sunday, July 15, 2012



I am moving to Dallas in less than a month! Wooooooo!

And between now and then I have:
- my birthday and all the events that come with it! (not a bad thing, just days I can't/wont' be working or anything) So this Thursday, my birthday, through Sunday, I will be out-of-commission.
- the next weekend, I will be out of town (and possibly leaving early and staying late... it's summer! Why the heck not?!)
- a day's worth of Number Corner (woohoo?) training on Aug 1
- then BAM! Move in days August 10-12.

That leaves me with 14 DAYS (being a little generous) left before I move to:
- paint my great-grandma's old kitchen table (vintage, shabby-chic... AKA free)
- paint the 4 kitchen chairs I just bought
- get the coffee table from Houston and paint it (or leave it... I can't decide)
- paint the little side table
- paint my bedside table
- get fabric to recover patio chairs, recover
- paint patio chairs and table
- spray paint old lamp bases
- find new lamp shades
- decide color scheme for kitchen/dining/living room area (BEFORE I PAINT ALL THAT STUFF!!!)
- figure out if my TV can fit on the fireplace mantle (I know! How many apartments in Dallas actually have fireplaces?! I LOVE it!)
- and many mooooooore.... not including what I planned to do over the summer for my classroom! AGH!

Whew! And I'm worn out just typing it all out.

You know what? That's the first time I have typed it all out.

Now I feel more stressed.


So, you must excuse my lack of posts and projects. I HONESTLY have no time. But, I apparently make time!

I am still working on the Roll and Color unit! (It's harder than it looks, folks! Especially when your scrambled brain is flying a million miles an hour thinking in paint samples)

I'm also working on conjuring up some items for people who "request" certain things on TpT... hope it's not a waste of time or a HUGE time commitment. TIME is the last thing I need to be wasting right now.

And money.

Moving into your first "big girl apartment" is expensive, y'all! That's why you go to IKEA! And Target! And garage sales! And have a birthday right before you move so family members can buy ya stuff you NEED, not just random things for you to tear wrapping paper off just to go "ummmm... thanks!...(what am I going to do with this?)"

----------------- on to the teaching stuff ---------------------

Sorry about the word vomit on my personal life!

I'm working on a "request" on TpT for a behavior clip chart. I use one in my classroom, but it's not very cutesy... just colored paper, black ink, glued together in a long stream, laminated, stapled on the wall. Very simple. It's better that way for Kindergarten.

Anyway, I'm creating a cutesy one anyway. Come to think of it, I don't even know if the woman wanted cutesy.... oh well. Here's the first couple.

What do ya think?! Too cutesy? Too busy? Should it have kids on it? Or should it just have cute little designs on it? What would you have? I know the one in my room is VERY plain, and this is the total opposite. HELP!


  1. It's about time to add some awards to this lovely blog, Blair! Come see my latest post! ;)

  2. Those look very cute! I love the star font. =)

    Heather's Heart